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What should be included in my commercial real estate inspection?

What should be included in my commercial real estate inspection?

Commercial real estate inspections don’t just prepare you for the real estate-owning road ahead; they can help you predict your potential return on investment (ROI). Both are important when purchasing or building commercial real estate. 

So in order to get a clear picture of your financial liability and possibilities for a commercial real estate investment, it’s important to get a commercial real estate inspection. But what should a commercial inspection include? 

We’ll explain what commercial property inspections examine, what your commercial building inspection report will include, and when you need to schedule one. Keep reading for answers to the question, ”What Should be Included in My Commercial Real Estate Inspection?” 

Who needs a commercial real estate inspection?

Commercial real estate inspections are great for people buying multi-family investment properties. Commercial inspection services can help you understand the state and safety of your potential investment and what repairs or upgrades it may need in the future (or now). They’re also very helpful for projecting a safe and accurate ROI because inspections tell you what your investment will require to grow over the next decade. This is part of what you may have heard of as the “due diligence” for an investment. 

But commercial real estate inspections are great for the seller, too! Sellers can better understand the value of their properties and what investments buyers will need to make in the near future. Understanding the property better means choosing a better-informed listing price for the property. Property owners can protect their reputations with good-faith real estate transactions and rental agreements that make sense, with a trusted commercial inspection. 

In many states, commercial real estate inspections follow the same regulations as single-family homes. Commercial inspections require a non-invasive visual inspection of a number of elements listed below. All commercial and residential inspections require commercial building inspectors to verify that the property meets all existing safety regulations for the building type.

What will my commercial property inspector look for?

When your commercial inspector arrives at your property, they will look at various aspects of the property that can indicate structural soundness and safety compliance. They will also look at parts of the property that may require more investment in the future. 

Property inspection requirements are “non-invasive” visual inspection of these elements, but professional inspectors can sometimes offer additional service for the interested buyer or seller. These sometimes include drone roof inspections and pipeline inspections. If a pool is present, drainage and safety requirements are also part of the commercial real estate inspection. 

Your commercial property inspectors will be focused mostly on the structural soundness of the foundation, electrical systems, water, ventilation, heating, and cooling (HVAC) systems on the property. Properties with a reception or office front will also be inspected for fire and exit safety compliance according to your state’s regulations. 

Whether buying or selling a commercial property, a commercial real estate inspection can provide a mountain of data to help you make more informed decisions in buying and selling. 

What commercial property inspections tell us 

Commercial property inspections tell us a lot of things about the longevity and needs of the property you’re purchasing. Commercial building inspections reveal what repairs will likely be needed in the near future and the likely return on investment for the buyer. 

When we complete a commercial property inspection for you, we create an easily accessible, detailed report that provides information about: 

  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Roof
  • Attic
  • Walls
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Ceilings
  • Floors
  • Basement
  • Crawlspace

Other inspection companies may offer different information or use different types of reporting. All commercial inspections cover the same basic inspection services, at a minimum. Those are:

  • Structure and grounds 
  •  Interior walls and insulation 
  • Windows and doors
  • Electrical and mechanical structures
  • Plumbing and water pressure
  • Fire safety like sprinklers and fire alarms
  • The roof
  • HVAC equipment

Where to get commercial building inspections near you

If you’re looking for a commercial inspection of any kind, including a commercial real estate inspection, count on us for feedback you can trust. MC Inspections offers commercial inspections for a variety of commercial building types, including housing complexes for 4 families or more. 

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